Is Greece committing a suicide by risking ‘Grexit’ from European Union?

The whole world is ‘baffled’ watching a battle between a weak, barely surviving, Greek economy under the load of an unsustainable loan, on one side and the Euro Group which is experiencing its own crisis, on the other.

It is not very common, in its recent history that, Greece managed to generate such a conflict with its partners in Europe, consequently finding itself in full isolation over an issue of trying to end austerity terms and polices agreed and implemented  under contractual commitments of the previous government, which took place as a prerequisite to receive a major loan.  

It is the first time that a radical leftish government was elected, and stands for concepts that are in direct conflict with some European principles and practices, especially because this government was elected adhering to democratic processes.

Hence, it is to be expected that European Union has to deal with a new reality.

But let us now focus on the main points of the conflict.

Greece has received the highest ever loan in the European history under exceptionally beneficial terms which nevertheless have not helped Greece to exit financial crisis and lead to a development stage, on the contrary this approach generated 1.5 million unemployed (25%) and 2.5 million people living in poverty due to austerity measures enforced for five years, plus the additional burden of sustaining  an uncontrollable influx of illegal emigration arriving from Asia and Africa that cannot be absorbed by the Greek economy.

Small signs of improvement were shown after five years, at the end of 2014.

This minor improvement proved insufficient to release the steam of anger of the Greek society which reacted against such prolonged austerity period and became vulnerable to promises that SYRIZA,  a radical leftish opposition party, strongly advertised, during  parliamentary elections, which were craftily engineered,  under opportunistic circumstances, that significantly shortened the term  in power of the previous government.

The result was the creation a ‘peculiar’ coalition government between, SYRIZA and an ‘anti austerity measures’ right wind nationalistic party which is now trying to implement its promises to the Greek electorate.

This commitment is bringing both parties, the Greek Government and Euro Group to a conflict, leaving each one trapped to its own principles.

The Greek government is trapped with its commitment to execute promises that are violating contractual obligations already signed between a legally elected Greek government and the three parties Euro Group, IMF and Central European Bank.

The European Union is maintaining its stand for the principle of sustaiing credibility of agreements signed among countries and international institutions as well as for the provision of equal terms among members of the Euro group.

In addition to these fundamental principle points, both sides are trying to evaluate and compare a number of realistic terms and conditions to replace original parts of the initial memorandum. These terms expose in a very obvious way the existing conflicts in terms of political and financial policies. Such points include labor and trade union legislation, privatizations, restrictions in mass layoffs, all of which will influence private investments ect.

Points of common interest include the race against tax avoidance and tax evasion as well as the fight against corruption, but this cannot generate alternative and secure source of income to justify the cancellation of austerity measures and the introduction of most necessary reforms. 

In spite all, less or more, logical arguments, expressed from both sides, there is still a need for some additional realism, Europe should realize that the fundamental concept and principle for the creation of European Union includes sharing responsibilities for the implementation of plans regarding development strategies and planning. European Union cannot act as a separate entity not sharing any responsibility  when some of its plans fail, it cannot sit back washing its hands, hiding behind rules and conditions that prove to be damaging to a member state.

On the other hand no country can show disrespect to common rules and obligations every time there is shift of power after any election, hiding behind the aspirations of their public in the name of democracy because the same parliamentary party, with their populism, has raised their aspirations.

In addition, Greece belongs to other strongly related to EU  international organizations, such as NATO that participates in the planning of defense investments and expenditure that consumes a considerable percentage of the national income especially because most of this expenditure is spent on purchases from the financially stronger nations, that is Germany, France and USA. So, there is a latent customer- supplier relationship for more than one reasons that effects planning and relationships. So I personally believe that this factor will play a role to arrive at a compromising solution.

Nevertheless, I cannot predict to a better extend, the outcome of such compromise, except to express my feeling that political fanaticism in Greece is a real threat which, if combined with introversion and short site of other members of the Euro Group, can produce real disasters for both Greece and Europe.

On the other hand I truly believe this case will speed up a better approach to resolve conflicts within European Union towards a real political unification.  



This video was taken,  in Athens Greece, on the 11th of May 2013.

It is the first live performance of a song from an unpublished musical, composed (Music and lyrics)  by Theo Roubanis, for Aristotel  Onasis, at the time he announced to friends his decision to get married with Tzaky Kennedy.

The year was then 1985.

The musical was not actually put on stage, due to sudden death of the producer.

This video is the first public performance of only one part of the musical, “Aristotle  Onasis song”.  It is the first time the existence of this work, was revealed by the composer.

The song is describing a scene, in a board room, where his friends and colleagues, asked him to be very careful.

Onasis replied, determined to do it his way and to  experience  every moment of this because  he loved her.

A more professorial recording has also been uploaded . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2nyqO2oS80

Translated in Greek:

Το βίντεο αυτό πάρθηκε, κάτω από δύσκολες συνθήκες, στην αίθουσα Αίτιο στην Αθήνα την 11η Μαΐου 2013.

Είναι η πρώτη εκτέλεση ενός τραγουδιού από ένα ανέκδοτο musical  που έγραψε ο Θεόδωρος Ρουμπάνης  για τον Αριστοτέλη Ωνάση, τον καιρό που ανακοίνωσε στους φίλους και συνεργάτες  την απόφασή του να παντρευτεί την Τζάκη,

Το έτος που γράφτηκε το έργο ήταν το 1985.

Το μουσικοχορευτικό έργο δεν πρόλαβε να ανέβει σε σκηνή λόγω του θανάτου του παραγωγού.

Το βίντεο αποτυπώνει την πρώτη δημόσια εκτέλεση ενός μόνο από τα τραγούδια του έργου, «Το τραγούδι του Αριστοτέλη Ωνάση»  που για πρώτη φορά ανακοινώθηκε από τον συνθέτη.

Το τμήμα αυτό του έργου περιγράφει  την σκηνή μέσα στην αίθουσα συμβουλίου που οι φίλοι και συνεργάτες τον προτρέπουν να είναι πολύ προσεκτικός.

Ο Ωνάσης απάντησε  ότι ήταν αποφασισμένος και ότι θα ζούσε κάθε στιγμή  όπως αυτός ήθελε, την αγαπούσε.

Μία επαγγελματική έκδoση  είναι διαθέσιμη στο παρακάτω σύνδεσμο .



This video was taken during the first reunion of the 1962 student graduates of Hadjidakis High School of Athens, more than 25 years ago.
The video is addresed to all participating in the party.
The meeting was organised by Haris Politopoulos and Nick Kouzos.
The video was originally distributed to most colleagues present at the time.
This is a new edition that includes photos of all students in the class, taken from the School magazine, published during the summer of 1962.
I hope this video will bring back some sweet memories of our youth to most of us.
Some of the persons present in the video are,
Evgenia Grigoraki, Liana Basi Kouvara, Haris Politopoulos, Nick Kouzos, Lena Mavrofidou, Takis Bonatsos, Barbatis, Nasos Kamariotis, Athanasiadis, Marika Xenikaki, Elisavet Tsakoniati, Sofia Lamnatou, Mary Katma and many others.
Nick Kouzos


Nick Kouzos shared a link.


‎»Κι Όσο αγαπώ τήν πατρίδα μου δέν αγαπώ άλλο τίποτας. Νάρθη ένας νά μού ειπή ότι θά πάγη ομπρός ή πατρίδα, στέργομαι νά μού βγάλη καί τά δυό μου μάτια. Ότι ά…
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Weekend in Satorini with Paul Witwam and Freddy Grossmayer part 2

This is the second part of a video taken on the island of Santorini, where ICL Hellas management spent a wonderful long weekend during July 1992.
The team included Paul Whitwan from ICL UK, Freddy Grossmayer, Tiki Hajioannou and Nick Kouzos, all with their wives.
Santorini was voted as no 1 tourist location worldwide, so, in addition to some very good memories that the participants can share, one can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the island, especially the sunset view from Oia, overlooking caldera.
Donkey riding and the half day excursion to the island`s volcano were really very enjoyfull.

Week end in Satorini with Paul Witwam and Freddy… από timesforchange

Weekend in Satorini with ICL Management (July 1993)

Week end in Satorini with ICL Management (Paul… από timesforchange

Infomation about the VIDEO.
This is the first part of a video taken on the island of Santorini, where ICL Hellas management spent a wonderful long weekend during July 1993.
The team included Paul Whitman from ICL UK, Freddy Grossmayer, Tiki Hajioannou and Nick Kouzos, all with their wives.
Santorini was voted as no 1 tourist location worldwide, so, in addition to some very good memories that the participants can share, one can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the island as well as the Ancient town of Akrotiri, the remaining of which were found after a recent excavation.
Donkey riding and the half day excursion to the island`s volcano were really very enjoyfull.

Back to the roots Nick Kouzos (Part.3). The new roots of Peramos reviving in Greece.

The end of our trip to Peramos of Kyzikos in Asia Minor.
Asia Minor roots reviving in Greece.
Festivities held in New Artaki and Peramos in Greece. Commemorating speeches.
The launching of ¨Santala’ the traditional fishing boat used in the sea of Marmara.
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