My objective in creating and maintaining a personal blog is to share with friends and colleagues  some special issues of common interests while at the same time generate a record of comments on critical events that are leaving marks of our times and can serve as a mirror of the deeds, experiences and thoughts of our generation.
I hope that this will be of  interest to some of you.

Ο στόχος μου για την δημιουργία αυτού του “Blog” είναι να μοιραστώ με φίλους και συνεργάτες μερικά ειδικά θέματα κοινού ενδιαφέροντος.

Η καταγραφή των απόψεων, σε ανύποπτο χρόνο, πάνω στα πλέον κρίσιμα γεγονότα που σημαδεύουν τους καιρούς μας ελπίζω να λειτουργείσει σαν καθρέπτης των πράξεων, εμπειριών και σκέψεων της εποχής.

Επίσεις ελπίζω ότι αυτό θα αποβεί χρήσιμο για τα παιδιά μου και πολλούς νεώτερους συγγενείς και φίλους.
Θα χαρώ να έχω παρατηρήσεις για όποιο θέμα η βίντεο από όποιους θα ενδιαφερθούν.
νεώτερους συγγενείς και φίλους.

Curriculum Vitae

Summary of Professional history-main achievements.

As an introduction, I briefly mention here under, main achievements that demonstrate major success stories in penetration of international markets in the field of IT as applied in various Business sectors:

1. Banking Sector.
Impressive success was achieved in managing the introduction of TEMENOS (World leader in development of Core Banking systems and relevant implementation services), in Major Banking organizations operating in Central and South Eastern Europe and North Africa. All achieved with minimum sales and sales support staff and in record time.
This activity includes start up, first in country installations and setting up of new subsidiary companies and organizations in Poland, Hungary, most Balkan Countries and Egypt.

2. Card Processing outsourcing services
For this extremely interesting and fast growing field I served as General manager of Financial solutions of “Informer International Ltd”, responsible for all outsourcing Card Payment processing services (VISA, MASTERCARD etc.) in Greece and the Balkans, supervising as well “Paynet SA” a subsidiary member of the same group operating in the Balkan countries.
The group served 20 Major Banking organizations operating Internationally.

3. General IT Sector promoting medium and large scale computing in both Public and private sector
As vice President, Sales Director and share holder of ICL Hellas Ltd, subsidiary of the leading British Computer Manufacturer, International Computers Ltd (ICL), the company achieved a world record in capturing 80% of the local retail sector in medium size computer and POS Terminal business in Greece.
In addition the company obtained the bigger public sector project funded by EU in Greece.

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