Turkey’s aggressive behavior, including the denial of the obligation to negotiate the delimitation of sea borders, EEZs and the continental shelf, as well as the questioning of the right of Greece, to increase the maritime borders of its islands from six to twelve miles, indicate Turkey’s long term objective to act as an an imperialistic power, predominantly against Hellinism which once more acts as a fortice for Europe.  

The only defence that Greece has against a more powerful enemy is international law, which Turkey has deliberately refused to sign. This places Turkey against International institutions which have been created as a consequence of a caltural evolution of International society.

It is inconceivable, that Turkey should, declare its own continental shelf and EEZ over disputed waters, as well as the continental shelf without entering into negotiations with its neighbor, as clearly provided by International law for the sea.

Instead of following such procedures, Turkey is sending, its own research ships, accompanied by warships, violating even the 12 miles limit, which falls within the indisputable right of Greece to unilaterally extend its sovereignty over sea waters.

It is also unthinkable for Turkey to assert its jurisdiction over international waters, claiming sovereignty over such areas as the successor to the Ottoman Empire.

Such sovereignty was deprived from Ottomans by the International Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. Lauzanne treaty ristreacted Turkey to three miles from its coast as far as its islamds.

This behavior constitutes a real blackmail for Greece to abdicate its sovereign right, forced to engage in an armed confrontation, which Turkey considers that she has the advantage. A serious setback for this century.

Greece, the Balkans, and Caucasus (Nagorno-Karabakh) continue to experience the remnants of the wider national upheavals that the rest of Europe has outgrown in recent centuries.

The reasons are varied, different religions, different ethnological and geopolitical characteristics that reflect conflicting interests between West and East.

Turkey re-produces the same permanent excuse constantly blaming West for its colonial past.

This excuse is losing ground as Turkey is not innocent having caused genocides, as well as results due to its own military aggressive activity unfolding pages in history with the acquisition of lands and territories, exploiting indigenius peoples and resources for a period of nearly one millennium.

One of the tactics Turkey has been using, over time, was population relocations, encourafing migrations to achieve demographic alterations. Such tactics have been applied even recently (Cyprus) which  are proving Turkey’s expansionist tactics and other long-term intentions.

One more favorable tool that Turkey has been using is the falcification of history by fabricating events (burning of village, provocations) , changing local names of towns, even the names of countries that have been conquered mainly to wipe out memories of the past,

Similar motivations caused the destraction of local monuments n the change the names of monuments the convertion of charches to Mosques etc.

Examples of such practices are obvious through out Anatolia, but also in Caucasus where similare methods were followed by comunist Russia. Just watch a video on falsification of history in Azserbizan. A typical falsification of history repeated in the hole Anatolia.


A more complete analysis of the problems in Kosovo and the wider Balkan region may be the subject of a separate study, but it will not go far from the basic methodology of Turkey’s expansionist imperialistic approach..

The falsification of history

Turks from the Central Asia and the Altaic mountens settled in Anatolia in the 11th century, through the conquests of the area by Seljuk Turks. The region, then, began to transform from a predominantly Greek Christian society into a Turkish Muslim one.

Today’s Turkey is trying to falsify history because it believes that the entire Muslim world has been mistreated by West.

Knowledge of the history of the creation of Modern Greece is not a simple need to refer to the superficial events narrated in school textbooks.

There is a need for a deeper study to address Turkey’s attempt to falsify history by using every legitimate and non legitimate, unfair means available.

Turkey reacts like the despised Muslim who needs to regain his dignity and at the same time regain the position she believes belongs to her, historically, as the protector of her fellow Muslims, victims of west.

A particularly dangerous perception of the world, today that erases the remnants of the colonial past with the strengthening of institutions, but not to replace it with anachronistic and often pretentious religious fanaticism.

Another element worth analyzing is Turkey’s tendency to usurp elements of indigenous cultures.

One of the most difficult elements of any empire is to impose its own culture, including religion on peoples who become enslaved subjects of the empire.

From history we observe the behavior of the Greeks during the Hellenistic period, as well as of the Romans that followed and of Byzantium.

Alexander the Great tried to transplant the Greek culture, but at the same time, it was a result of his genius, he recognized the need to preserve important local cultural elements of Persian and Egyptian culture,

The result was the almost deification of Alexander and the survival of features of Hellenism for many years. short-lived of the military imposition of the empire he created a few years until many years after his early death.

Greek art and life had always been influenced by other cultures, but the expansion in territory during Alexander the Great’s conquests brought greater possibilities for mutual cultural exchanges. 

The imposition of the Roman Empire was essentially the continuation of Greek culture that allowed the survival of local communities. «Captive Greece captured its uncivilized conquerer and brought the arts to rustic Latium» (Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artis intulit agresti Latio)

The creation and survival of Byzantium for a millenium was based on the predominance of the Christian Religion but also of Hellenism which, despite the destruction of the ancient Religion of the Twelve gods, managed to transplant cultural elements such as the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet to the Slavic populations much earlier than the introduction of the new writen Turkish language and much more.

The invasion of the Turkish tribes did not have similar, pre-existing cultural roots, so Turkish tribes  were inevitably influenced by Persian culture and religion by the Arab world.

During the Islamization of the indigenous, mostly Christian populations and in confrontation with West, Turkey felt that Turkish tribes did not have sufficient cultural background, compared to the renaissance of the West. Such deficiencies  were felt by the Ottoman but even from the “Young  Turks” of Kemal, who was looking towards Europe, so they started looking to complement Turkish roots, regardless of the Arab or Persian influences, towards the Ancient  Eastern civilizations that disappeared, adopting the view that these are their own cultural and even genetic roots.

Turkey is therefore balancing its position with the rest of the West, in spite accusations against West for barbarism and colonialism.

Thus Turkey tries to establish, as the beginning of the history of Asia, the year 1097 the Battle of Manzikert or the fall of Byzantium in 1453, while at the same time is laying the foundations of its cultural presence at the same time   before westen renaissance.

The typical reaction of Islamic Turkey is totally different trying to prove that Reneancance did not pass after the fall of Byzantium to Itally but from Islam to Spain. Turkey insist that Western civilisation has its foundation to Islam that precided Byzantium. This is what Falsification can do, which means forget how and what islamization has done to Christian West amd look at what Islam has contributed to western civilisation.

Just note what IslamicTurkey is trying to prove by quoting:

«The standard history that is taught in the West is designed to support the idea that Western civilisation is the most advanced form of civilisation known to man. According to this view, mankind has been continuously evolving and improving over thousands of years. Western civilisation is the end result of many millennia of progress and development. In order to support this notion, Western historians undermine the intellectual, moral, scientific and artistic achievements of all preceding ages and civilisations, in particular the civilisation that immediately preceded them, which is the Islamic civilisation.»

EU and USA wake up!!!!!

In conclusion the conflict between Turkey and Greece is very deep that has universal implications that can effect East and West and reach the foundation of two different worlds watever the difference in size are the two nations.