With the impact that recent events have on humanity, which in my opinion will have serious, if not catastrophic, consequences, I am trying to draw my own conclusions.

I realize that in order to have the slightest possibility of approaching reality, I am forced to break free from the shackles of any prejudices that society and the environment in which I lived and gradually I am completing my life.

I need to elevate myself to be able to observe, in detail, the events, and the consequences, short-term and long-term, that shape the environment around me.

Although I am, by nature, an optimistic person, I cannot say that what I observed helped me to maintain my optimism.

I saw the agony of humanity in the catastrophe that a single-celled mutant organism, a virus, could cause the loss of life to a similar degree like what   two world wars have caused.

I observe the clash of civilizations in its worst form, terrorism.

I observe the national and economic conflicts against the background of the political and ideological views that take the form, sometimes, of the mythical creature Lernaean Hydra, and sometimes of the chameleon.

I see the gradual devaluation of traditional values such as freedom of speech, independence, human rights, that took centuries to be established and widely accepted.

These values are often sacrificed on the altar of expediency, whether in the form of nationalist aspirations and economic interests.

Even religions that have always been the instinctive quests of the human race that emphasize its deepest needs, end up a ground of controversy.

The political-economic controversies also degenerate into the altar of populism for control of power.

I believed in the basic principle of democracy that my ancestors, for the first time, pointed out to humanity, in the face of authoritarian regimes that were prevailing in the East.

Even this fundamental value, was forgotten for a period and reappeared in history during Renaissance.

Later, nations went through the upheaval of national and social rearrangements, yet they could not be stabilized to the extent that a balance could be achieved, either internally within each country or internationally among nations.

The institutions and values that were established, with great sacrifices and effort, could not function effectively, they could not overcome National and social conflicts. Adversities could not be balanced.

Personally, my hope has turned to the European Union experiment, aiming to act as a model for the world to deal with the national rivalries which were brought about by two world wars.

Unfortunately, even this union of nations could not overcome the inherent problems of capitalist societies.

It could not overcome key problems of economic and national competition.

The nature of capitalism allows the development of  economies based on defense industries that provide products  in the international market both to enemies and allies simultaneously, in such a way that when the issue is exposed in the open, the answer is: But this is a business issue!

This way of looking at things, together with the survival of populism, has led to painful and frustrating results. I cannot stop thinking the circumstances under which Britain separated  from EU. A real blow for UK and EU

But big problems are appearing on the other side of the Atlantic.

For the first time, the United States is facing the risk of the collapse of democracy due to a populist leader who threatens to overthrow the institutions of the larger Republic.

He trades with friends and enemies on the basis of personal preferences and vested interests, finding ground  in collaboration with people closer to his authoritarian nature with similar temperaments as Putin and Erdogan.

This behavior transcends the boundaries of a favored democracy and poses enormous dangers to America and to humanity.

Eventually I come to the problem of  cultural conflict that has been going on for a long time, but is taking s new dimensions with Turkey trying to become the leader of the Islamic world and an attempt to regain the lost glory of the Ottoman Empire.

Here we transcend the boundaries of national competition and interests.

This includes parameters of religious fanaticism that become an instrument of exploitation for the achievement of Nationalist interests.

The mixture of nationalism with religious fanaticism brings us back to medieval situations, crusades, Holy Inquisition, religious wars, such as jihad, from the worst periods in human history, a completely anachronistic situation, but seriously dangerous when added to the geopolitical interests of countries.

This is where laws and compromises cease to exist, here we face fanaticism, religious dogmatism, terrorism in the name of every god used to serve other interests.

I recognize that both capitalism and colonialism have historical and timeless shortcomings, but these shortcomings are being brought to bear by the institutions.

But no one can solve problems of theocratic conceptions with any kind of logic.

The religious element is not an element to be negotiated.

This is why it can be a disastrous factor in shaping compromising solutions.

It is therefore a crime against humanity to exploit religion as a means of political pressure or negotiation.

So in relation of problems of modern society that include the need to adapt and addressing new forms of challenges, such as climate change, migration, refugees, unemployment, corona virus , the effects of the spread of social networks and technology, energy another problem  is added. the anachronistic consequences of the clash of cultures.

This conflict has great peculiarities because it is combined with problems such as racism, terrorism, the integration of religious and ethnic minorities in the environment of States with different cultural histories that include different legal and social infrastructure.

Meeting these challenges has proved more difficult than the international community expected it to be.

For me, the biggest challenges will be the populism in matters of religion and democracy., These challenges consist of difficulty to adopt compliance to rules of international institutions   and dealing with health crisis in the short term.

I believe that the control of the shortcomings of capitalism will eventually be addressed bas it has the characteristic of self-adaptation if the institutions will be kept under international control.

This is the only optimistic element I can count on, to hope for.

Finally, as an optimistic person, I cannot fail to mention my hope in the survival instinct of human nature.