The problem with Turkey is the fact that insist to pursue destructive and not constructive policies.

Turkey is not trying to cooperate with its neighbors but to force every nation to accept  Turkey’s  ambitions to  play the role of a regional and global superpower.

Turkey is trying to exploit all strengths and weaknesses of players in the international and local power game irrespective of any issue, that bears  no respect to any right of other members.

The most obvious aggressive policy, is demonstrated with Turkey’s position against the rights of the Greek islands to have their own EEZ.

We all understand why Turkey has not signed conformance to international law of the sea, but this does not mean that a country consisting of a major part from a group of islands looses all is rights to have their own  EEZ.

This attitude will not help Turkey to play the role of even a regional power not to mention the role of a global super power.

It is also obvious that Turkey wants to capitalize on the weaknesses of a country in the middle of a civil war, as in the case  of Libya. They claim they support  a crippling government, which is recognized by UN while at the same, it totally discards UN resolutions against Turkey as well as the government of Cyprus.

Turkey is taking advantage of the Russian interest to maintain a monopoly in being the main energy supplier.

At the same time Turkey is trying   to protect its interest to provide the only alternative  to forward   gas and oil supplies from Middle East.

Finally, Turkey is also capitalizing on the fear of EU to accommodate millions of Muslims refugees from Syria, Africa and Afghanistan,  who may include a number of Islamic Terrorist.

Nobody is claiming that Turkey should not participate, in many ways, to share the profits of East Med project on the basis of International law regarding EEZ even if the profits may take into account Turkey’s position as a large mainland country that would abandon some of  its own alternatives, in preference of joint cooperation with the rest of Mediterranean  neighbors.

East Med project would have  brought closer Turkey to EU, USA, NATO , Italy, Israel and the rest of its Mediterranean countries.