This video was taken during the first reunion of the 1962 student graduates of Hadjidakis High School of Athens, more than 25 years ago.
The video is addresed to all participating in the party.
The meeting was organised by Haris Politopoulos and Nick Kouzos.
The video was originally distributed to most colleagues present at the time.
This is a new edition that includes photos of all students in the class, taken from the School magazine, published during the summer of 1962.
I hope this video will bring back some sweet memories of our youth to most of us.
Some of the persons present in the video are,
Evgenia Grigoraki, Liana Basi Kouvara, Haris Politopoulos, Nick Kouzos, Lena Mavrofidou, Takis Bonatsos, Barbatis, Nasos Kamariotis, Athanasiadis, Marika Xenikaki, Elisavet Tsakoniati, Sofia Lamnatou, Mary Katma and many others.
Nick Kouzos