This video is about Freddy Grossmayer»s 40th birthday celebration that took place on the Island of Hydra in Greece, during August 1992.
Freddy invited many friends from his home country Austria and around the world as well as the management and employees of ICLHellas Ltd a company for which he was General Manager at the time.
The party was held at Lagoudera Yachting Club famous for its reputation of entertaning top international personalities in the 50s and 60s. Among the guests who were visiting Lagoudera were Aristotel Onasis, Mrs Maxwell, many Royalties, movie stars and in general people of the international «jet set» of the time.
We all enjoyed a wonderfull week end especially the evenings in the Club and the trip on Eftichia boat from Pireus port.
Thank you Freddy

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Freddy in Hydra από timesforchange